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Frozen Fish
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JustDial Shop Fittings: Just Dial Service at Aaramos Exports

JustDial Shop Fittings

Shop Fittings Dispaly Stands

Accessory Stand
Hanging Forms
Acrylic Display Stands
High quality gondolas
Acrylic leaflet dispensers
High quality shop counters
Adjustable island feature rails with crank arms-4-way
Label guns for coding
Adjustable island feature rails with sloping arms -4-way
Label guns for pricing
Adjustable island feature rails with straight arms-4-way
Label guns rolls of peel-able labels
Aluminum 'A' Boards
Large industrial size bubble wrap
Antwerp Crafted Busts
Mannequins – male child
Assorted card boxes for jewelery
Mannequins female
Assorted leather boxes for jewelery and accessories
Mannequins male
Bag Stand
Paper rolls
Bags - Jewelery paper carry bags
Paper rolls for tills credit card terminals
Bags - Jiffy bags
Permanent Labels for Standard Label Gun (white)
Bags - Gift Packing Organza bags
Picture hook for slatwall groove
Bags - Showerproof garment sample bags with zip
Plastic Coat Hangers
Bags – Gloss laminated paper carry bags
Plastic leaflet dispensers
Bags – Paper bags
Polythene carrier bags
Bags – Paper carry bags with twisted paper handles
Polythene self-seal bags
Bags – Showerproof garment suit carriers with zip
Printed paper bags
Body form – Ladies hanging
Printed polythene carrier bags
Budget paper carrier bags with flat paper handles
Printed polythene carrier bags
Bust Forms
Rectangular 'T' Legs
Cable kit solution
Refuse bin bags – Strong polythene
Christmas design printed carrier Bags
Refuse sacks – Strong polythene
Chrome folding travellers rails
Sale banners and sale posters
Coat Hangers - Wooden
Sale tickets for hangers
Coat Hangers – Wire
Sale tickets for tagging
Desktop packing tape dispensers
Security cable ties
Desktop self-adhesive tape
Security loop locks
Desktop tape dispensers
Self adhesive document enclosed labels
Display Busts
Self-adhesive sale labels
Display Systems - Wall mounted
Self-seal high clarity polypropylene garment bags
Double-sided Shoe Rack
Shelf bracket for slatwall groove
Garment covers - Perforated / tear-off polythene on a roll
Shoe Rack
Garment rail - card holders
Shoe Rack - Mesh Shelf
Garment rail – castors
Slatwall groove - Clear acrylic shelf
Garment rail – extension tubes
Slatwall groove - Finish hanging rail
Garment rails - arrow rails
Slatwall Groove - Plastic shoe shelf for slatwall groove
Garment rails – fishtail rails
Slatwall Groove - Rod arm for slatwall groove
Garment rails – flat pack
Slatwall Groove - Sloping arm with 12 notches
Garment rails – free standing
Slatwall Groove - Step arm with 2-tier step
Garment rails – junior rails
Slatwall Groove - Straight arm
Garment rails – parrot rails
Slatwall Groove – Single arm
Garment rails – step arm rails
Stand – Ten Tier Square Earring Stand
Garment rails – straight arm rails
Standard Label Gun
Garment rails – waterfall arm rails
Stands - Floor Standing Hat Stand
Gridwall Panel
Stands – Free Standing Poster Stands
Gridwall panel - 10 inch chrome straight hook
Stock Tickets - Perforated stock tickets
Gridwall panel - Chrome bag arm with 5 hooks
Straight Hook
Gridwall panel - Chrome millinery hat arm
Style Tickets - Perforated style tickets
Gridwall panel - Chrome plated Euro arm
Tagging guns
Gridwall panel – 6 inch chrome straight hook
Tagging guns accessories
Gridwall panel – 8 inch chrome straight hook
Tagging guns attachments
Gridwall panel – Chrome 7 ball waterfall arm
Tailor Dummies
Gridwall Panel – gondola base holds 4 panels & castors
Thermal paper rolls credit card terminals
Gridwall panel 4 inch chrome straight hook
Tube round 3 mt 25 mm dia chrome
Gridwall panel- 12" chrome straight arm tube
Wall mountable aluminum snap frames
Gridwall panel–12" chrome round tube straight arm w/disc end

Gridwall panels - Joining clip to connect

Gridwall Panels - Rectangular 'L' legs to free stand with feet

Gridwall Panels - Rectangular 'T' legs to free stand with feet

Gridwall Panels - Triangle base holds 3 with castors

Gridwall Panels - Wall bracket to fix panel to wall




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